Scientific Modelling for Insurance Carriers
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Who We Are

Scientists with years of modelling experience

Our Background

Strong analytics pedigree developing sophisticated risk models at well known established financial institutions

Deep knowledge of risk evaluation in financial market and long standing relationships within key financial services channels

Frustrated with archaic systems of legacy financial institutions that were developed on decades old technology, and remain prevalent due to complacency

Our Product

We develop risk management systems for use in financial services industries

Our systems help our clients better structure their data, interpret their risk, and execute transactions all with the goal of minimizing the risk of financial loss

Start with Home Insurance

We have applied our astute knowledge of atmospheric / natural hazard models and their use in the modelling of insurance risks

Extensive Machine learning toolkit to uncover unseen interactions between who/what/where

Executive Team

Jan Feys

Chief Scientific Officer

Nilesh Vasani

Chief Executive Officer

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